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Deeply rooted in the rich history of the Rift Valley of East Africa and created in the spirit and brotherhood of the Rift Valley Cup, the Rift Valley Cup Foundation (RVCF) is a charitable, non-profit organization to benefit those in need on the African continent. As the participants of the Rift Valley Cup gathered each year for a weekend of fun and relaxation, they began to discuss how they could share their good fortunes with those in need. The RVCF was formed to allow the generous spirit of the Cup and its participants to aid those in need. The RVCF seeks the support from the Rift Valley Cupateers, their families, friends and all other supporters of the spirit of the Cup and its good deeds

To make a contribution to the RVCF, you may use the link below or submit a check payable to the Rift Valley Cup Foundation at the address listed below. All contributions are tax deductible (Federal Tax I.D. Number 20-8888376).


Rift Valley Cup Foundation
c/o Jeffrey Hannapel
631 Blossom Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20850

For more information about the Rift Valley Cup Foundation and how you can help, please contact one of the RVCF directors listed below:

Jeffrey Hannapel - jhannapel@riftvalleycup.org
Gideon Belete - gideon@riftvalleycup.org
Markos Tessema - mtessema@riftvalleycup.org

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