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The Rules

Any tournament would not be complete without a list of rules. You canít expect that weíre going to let you run willy-nilly around the course posting whatever number you want. Most of the rules are covered under the Rules of Golf by the USGA. However, in light of the mission of the tournament, we have incorporated a number of changes that we feel will provide for a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Mulligans One mulligan per nine, only from the teebox, and not on par threes. For you purists who donít believe in mulligans, so be it. Most of us out there are hackers and could use a little help now and then.
  2. The ubiquitous foot wedge This is one of the more contentious rules. Invoking the foot wedge rule will require a great deal of judgment and honesty. The general guideline is that one can use a foot wedge if the ball winds up on a root or directly against a tree, in a really bad divot that has not been repaired, or in an area where the grass has not completely grown in. The foot wedge may NOT be used to get out of a hazard. If you shank it into the gorse, pay the price. If you donít want to rip the tendons out of your wrists by hitting a tree trunk, by all means move the ball. At least one of your playing partners must agree to the use of a foot wedge before the ball is moved.
  3. Scoring This year, once again, we will be using a modified Stableford scoring system, which awards good play with positive points, but does not penalize poor play. The following table breaks down the scores:
    • Albatross = 10 points (like anyone will get one)
    • Eagle = 5 points (possible, but unlikely)
    • Birdie = 3 points (aspiration of the better player)
    • Par = 2 points (a good score in my book)
    • Bogey = 1 point (the standard by which all will be judged)
    • Double bogey or worse = 0 points (no comment)
    You can see by this format that the upside potential is unlimited, while the worst you can do is 0 points for four rounds, a much better number than saying your combined score was 496 at the end of the tournament (you do the math). Handicaps will not be used. This tournament is about camaraderie and having fun, not kissing the cup on the final day.
  4. Groupings The first three rounds you can play with whomever you like. We have an hour and a half for lunch on Saturday, so mix it up for the afternoon round. At the end of round three, everyone will be ranked according to their total Stableford points. The final round will be played in groups according to score, with the highest scores going out in the last group. The Beletes have dibs on the first group out on Sunday morning.

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