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Though Carstenís final years were neither peaceful nor easy, he recognized that there is no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties and greeted the challenge head on.

The happiness of his final fellowship with us is the memory weíve all gained and will forever cherish. I canít help but feel and believe that he made his trip to the Rift Cup in 2003 knowing it was his last.

Carsten and I made our first pilgrimage to Myrtle in 1999, and as I recall his last tournament, I am filled with emotion as I remember his weak and frail self that graciously managed to play 3 rounds and still put himself on the top tier of the leader board. At the end of each day, in a small way, he mingled with us, laughed, and joked and showed us that dry sense of humor which came from a genuine heart.

If we fear what lies in our path, we will never move forward. So ask yourself, are you the kind of self that will be happy amidst adversity? A peaceful life takes new spirit and new values, Carsten showed us that. Life was in the tones of his waterfall or should I say his Amstel Light? So be full of life, energy and most of all vivid aspiration because our life is for the living-letís greet it with a smile, and as we do, let us remember the young man from Denmark who was a part of us every April and who left us so early in his life.

Carsten will be missed but never forgotten.

- Manny Belete

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