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Rift Valley Cup Champion 1998 - Nathan M. Belete

Name Nathan M. Belete
Wife Kristi L. Belete
Kids Matias and Markus
Occupation Economist
Current Residence Beijing, China
Questions to past winners:
1. What are your thoughts now that Rift Cup is 10 years old? First of all, it's amazing that there's even an event called the 'Rift Cup'! Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think that it would go from being an event for just old Rift friends to being an international event with guys flying in from all over the world. Secondly, I'm really proud to have been a champion once, even if there were only two other guys at that 'tournament'! Much more importantly, sincere congrats to Gid and Jeff for making the Rift Cup a real event for guys to come and just have a good time. One unsolicited piece of advice: DO NOT CHANGE THE 'SPIRIT OF THE CUP' -THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE EVENT WHAT IT IS AND THE BOARD SHOULD NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT (for those that don't know the spirit, i.e. foot wedges - it's not a PGA tour event!!!)
2. How long have you played golf? really college, but was introduced to the game in Shep's backyard ...
3. How many RVC have you attended? around 6 or 7 ... I think?
4. Where is your favorite golf course? There is only one real golf course in this world - Muthaiga Golf Club.
5. What is your most memorable event at the cup? I'm embarrassed to admit that it was my rather impressive hand wedge slice into Casey's lip after shooting a disastrous 9 on a par 4 . . . Casey deserves to have my name removed from the champions cup and replaced with his for that poor golf etiquette!
6. Please finish this statement: If the Rift Cup got green jackets I would... require that they be made in the Rift Valley or else forget it!

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