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Rift Valley Cup Champion 1999 - Jeff Freshour

Name Jeff Freshour
Wife Melanie
Kids Carter 4, Griffin 2, Peyton 8 mos.
Occupation Audit Project Manager, Wachovia Corporation
Current Residence Charlotte, NC
Questions to past winners:
1. What are your thoughts now that Rift Cup is 10 years old? I can't believe that it's already been ten years, and we've managed to have a tournament every year.
2. How long have you played golf? 15 years
3. How many RVC have you attended? Nine. Missed only one due to a business trip. I'm surprised I still have my seat on The Board.
4. Where is your favorite golf course? Enterprise Golf Course, Mitchellville, MD, just outside of DC. I have many fond memories of that course and my playing partners.
5. What is your most memorable event at the cup? How to come up with just one after so many years? I would have to say playing the final round in 2001 with Carsten Skov, Chris Moore, and Nathan Belete. I have never laughed as hard for five hours in my life. I was literally laying on the ground on some tee boxes.
6. Please finish this statement: If the Rift Cup got green jackets I would... Wear it to work on casual Fridays.

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