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Rift Valley Cup Champion 2001 - Ken Rizzo (Riz)

Name Ken Rizzo (Riz)
Wife Jennifer
Kids Expecting first child September 07
Occupation Operations Manager
Current Residence Matthews, NC
Questions to past winners:
1. What are your thoughts now that Rift Cup is 10 years old? It's an excellent tradition! It's a sad state of my affairs I've missed so many now.
2. How long have you played golf? Only a few call what I do on the course playing golf, but approximately 15 years.
3. How many RVC have you attended? I believe I've attended 3 RVCs.
4. Where is your favorite golf course? Any one that's got a tee time available.
5. What is your most memorable event at the cup? My win...
6. Please finish this statement: If the Rift Cup got green jackets I would... Have good company!

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