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Rift Valley Cup Champion 2005 - Greg Forman

Name Greg Forman
Wife My Job
Kids Lynette and Mereesa
Occupation President - Dean Warehouse Services, Inc.
Current Residence Cumberland, Rhode Island
Questions to past winners:
1. What are your thoughts now that Rift Cup is 10 years old? I wonder if it will be 20 years old.. and will we I still be able to swing a club at 62 years old.
2. How long have you played golf? My dad started teaching me when I was 10 years old in Kisumu, Kenya
3. How many RVC have you attended? This will be my 4th
4. Where is your favorite golf course? Monarch Beach Country Club in California
5. What is your most memorable event at the cup? To many to write down for the public to have access to... but they are the reason I keep coming back every year.
6. Please finish this statement: If the Rift Cup got green jackets I would... ask that they change them to Blue.

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