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Rift Valley Cup Champion 2006 - Robert E. Keating III

Name Robert E. Keating III
Wife Soon to be Dana Sandstrom Keating (May 27th)
Occupation Financial Analysis & Compliance Manager - Chemonics International
Current Residence Washington, DC
Questions to past winners:
1. What are your thoughts now that Rift Cup is 10 years old? I canít express how great of a tournament this is. It takes hard work to put on a golf tournament year after year but the end results create tradition. And tradition is something that will bond many people and create lasting memories. Iím thrilled to be a part of it.
2. How long have you played golf? Since I was 8
3. How many RVC have you attended? 2007 will be my second
4. Where is your favorite golf course? I've played golf in nine countries and as many states. But I think my favorite may be back home in Findlay, OH - Red Hawk Run. A newer links course with a price I can afford.
5. What is your most memorable event at the cup? Getting a chance to participate in the four-ball salute at Carsten's Pond and learn the history behind it. However, it was embarrassing when my drive cleared the pond instead of going in it. I hit it in on the other side
6. Please finish this statement: If the Rift Cup got green jackets I would... cut the sleeves off and wear it as a vest for all four rounds of the Cup.

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