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Rift Valley Cup Champion 2008 - Greg Forman

Name Greg Forman
Wife My Job
Kids Lynette and Mereesa
Occupation President - Dean Warehouse Services, Inc.
Current Residence Cumberland, Rhode Island
Questions to past winners:
1. Mr. Forman we would first like to extend our congrats in taking the cup for the second time since you have been coming. How long have you been coming and what does it mean to you? I have been attending the Cup now since 2004. So it would be my 5th time. My stats are - 2004 - 2nd, 2005 Win, 2006 - 6th, 2007 - 3rd, 2008 Win. There are never to many days that go by through the year that I dont think of the RVC and the friends that we all reunite with. It's the one weekend a year I get to see my brother Brandon which is always a great thing. The goal is to always get into the last group.
2. We have heard from our correspondents in Rhoda Island that you actually prepare for this tournament all year, by that we mean you actually workout specifically strengthening your muscles for golf? Can you share with our members what that might entail? Yes the winter is long up here and to stay in shape I do work out. There are 5 specific excersizes that I do 3 times a week for my arms, shoulders and back from the end of golf season in October until April 15th. The purpose is to maintain strength, flexibility and balance.
3. A lot of traditions have been happening at the cup, i.e the round with the dutch boys, the sunday night dinner is there anything else you do while you are down there that you would like to share? I think dinner at Umberto's is always a favorite dinner you could add. I think if we added anymore traditions it would make the ones we have now seem less than they are.
4. What do you think of the foot wedge and how many were you given and do you think the last three groups on sunday play without any help from RVC rules? I think that as the tournament grows, so should the rules be re-defined and maybe a "Flight System" for levels of ability or handicaps in order to recognize those that really only play golf once a year compared to those like myself that try to put in 80 plus rounds a year. The foot wedge is something that makes this tournament unique, the question is does everyone use the foot wedge equally. I know that in the groups I played with this last tournament, foot wedges were given out equally, even on the last day. The thing is just because you get a foot wedge doesn't mean you will score well, meaning you can duff it 3 times down the fairway without having to need a foot wedge to get out of trouble and still make a double boggy. Likewise you can get a foot wedge out from behind a tree and still duff it 3 times down the fairway to get a triple boggy. I will be happy with anything the committee decides to change or not change. The scramble format for the last day is a great idea.
5. As a champ what would you like to see for upcoming tournaments or changes? Personally I think there needs to be more marketing and attempts to acquire sponsorships. The foundation needs a jump start somehow. If we can take over the course especially for the day of back to back rounds, it would give more opportunity to gather for a drink or two in between them and after. Guys were getting off the course at 8pm.
6. We are proposing that for next year that anyone sitting... and the RVC champ from the previous year walks in...we must all get up until you tell us "At ease gentlemen" What do you think? You are a funny guy Gideon.

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